Uber is a private transportation service that became popular on a large scale around the world. A service that allowed you to take a private transportation service from your cell phone and know several features before boarding.

This means that we could know the type of vehicle, the name of the driver, reviews from other customers and of course, the cost of the transportation service.

This service over time was appearing in various regions of Mexico and among them, the city of Cancun, so if you want to know if there is uber in Cancun, how to take it and some tips and advice, then keep reading our post.

uber in cancun

Uber in Cancun

Uber has had a history filled with a lot of controversy within the city of Cancun and the Riviera Maya. As such, the service does exist within the city. But due to all the problems it initially had to face, the number of operators and units available are very few.

First of all we have to mention that the cab service is a transportation service that has dominated the city for almost 50 years and therefore, there is a great monopoly of this service.


The problem is that this cab service is not very controlled. This means that there is a large number of units that are in poor condition, with drivers who are not well trained, respectful and often do not even respect the fares established by the cab drivers’ union.

cab cancun

Uber entered the city of Cancun, precisely to address this fact, the Uber shuttle service entered Cancun, in order to offer a shuttle service in units that are well maintained, clean, equipped with air conditioning, with respectful drivers, clean and of course, with affordable rates to not pay a peso more and not a peso less.

This was not well seen by the cab service, so they began to make demonstrations and persecutions not only to the people who operated the vehicles, even to the passengers themselves.

uber vs taxis cancun

These events made people start to be afraid to take this type of transportation and at the same time, forced the platform to leave the city. Uber was not a safe service in Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

It is worth mentioning that all this is about 4 years old and today, the city has become a «little tolerant» to such transportation service. This means that uber service is currently active in the city of Cancun.

Is it safe to take uber in Cancun?

Yes, currently the persecution that this transportation service initially had in Cancun has diminished a little. Therefore, it has become a little more tolerant for the cab monopoly.

Therefore, there are a few uber operators within the city, but it is necessary to consider that there are not many. That means that depending on where you are, you may or may not spot an operator nearby.

On the other hand, it is also necessary to mention that the service is restricted in some areas of the city. For example, there is no uber service at the Cancun airport or in the hotel zone.

Tips for using Uber in Cancun

If you still decide to use this service in the city, we will give you some tips that can help you make it a pleasant experience and not end up becoming a bad anecdote of your trip to Cancun.

  • Use uber only in downtown.
  • Try to take the service in places that are not very central.
  • Due to the lack of operators, request the service one hour in advance.
  • Uber service is not available at the Cancun airport.
  • Uber service is not available in the hotel zone.
  • Uber service cannot take you to the city airport or to your hotel in the hotel zone.


Unfortunately the city is far from allowing the Uber transportation service to grow and become one of the preferred services of locals and visitors. However, remember that there are regularized private transfer services that you can take or public transportation is also an excellent option.