Ventura Park: Your Ultimate Family Adventure Destination in Cancun

Have you ever wondered about a family trip to Cancun and thought of what will be the greatest place for all to enjoy in the entire getaway? You don’t need to go far. Ventura Park is the place! Get ready for an unforgettable day of fun as you wade through a multitude of thrilling activities including a single-center family amusement park in Cancun suited for all age groups.

This post will highlight all relevant aspects of Ventura Park thus, empowering you to make the most from your Cancun holiday.

Ventura Park Overview

The Ventura Park is not only a playing field for those who love an adrenaline rush, but it’s also the spot where families can escape the bustling city and cradle in itself, located in the center of Cancun Hotel Zone. This amusement park in Cancun is known for its vast collection of attractions, where there is something for the whole family to enjoy, so that no one is left out when it comes to having a go at all the attractions. Let’s take a closer look at the thrilling worlds that await you at Ventura Park.

Wet’n Wild: Aquarium awaits.

For the daring water yet thriving individuals out there grab your towel and head out to Wet’n Wild, situated in Ventura Park – the very place for appetizing aquatic adventures. The slide section comprises eye-popping water slides and leisurely river rides for people of all ages. Guaranteed – a lot of fun ahead.

swim-with-dolphins-in-cancun 2


Aaah! Ventura: Explore the mysterious and vast surroundings.

If you thrive on thrill and foster the spirit of a fearless adventurer, Aaah! is it. Ventura is definitely the city you want to live in. Push your boundaries and give a go on zip lines, express your courage on the aerial challenges and even experience the thrill of birdlike sensation in this zone of adrenaline.

Fun World: Where the Little Ones Rule

Discovering this place with imagination built specially for the challenging kids we enable them to have an ideal and exciting spaces where they can enjoy the world of adventurous exploration. From rides for each age group to the endless activities available, children can allow their imaginations to go crazy while parents can just sit back and relax because they know their kids will have caring hands on them.

Grand Prix: Race to Victory.

Wow, speed lovers, you are going to love it and get yet another reason to hit the gas at Grand Prix. Take a spin on the go-kart track by the sea to test your driving techniques and make it to the finish line before the other members of your family.

Underworld: Dive into Virtual Reality

Board on a trip into the world of technology that you will never stop talking about with Underworld, a place where virtual reality adventure awaits for you. Take a dive into dynamic virtual sceneries and inspiring adventures where you get an opportunity to travel through time and place.

Tickets to Ventura Park Cancun:

Visiting this amusement park in Cancun is sure to be a thrill-seeking experience; therefore, get one of the passes available, each of which gives you a bundle of exciting experiences at relatively a lower cost. If you are a budget traveler who goes for Platinum, Fun, or VIP passes, you will have a day of thrills and explorations.

  • Platinum Pass Ventura Park: Along with the access to all park facilities, go-karts, unlimited soft ice cream, and national open bar is also included. Top that off with buffet dining.
  • Fun Pass Ventura Park: They will use the coupon to gain access to Wet’n Wild World, Aaah! Ventura planet, delightful rides, drinks that can get you high and a buffet are fun excuses.
  • VIP Pass Ventura Park: Includes everything that the Platinum holder will be given plus an opportunity to interact with a dolphin and try out virtual reality events.~~

Ahead of your journey to the park, ensure that you make online bookings in order to eliminate the queues at the ticketing booth during your arrival at the park.

How to Get to Ventura Park in Cancun: Your tour guide.

While you are excited about your arrival at this spot, it is important to note that you must plan your journey effectively to reach your destination effortlessly. To get to Oceanus Park you can take the bus since it is easily accessible from various points in Cancun and neighboring areas, such as from Blvd. Kukulcán Km. 25 Zona Hotelera, 77500 Cancún, Q. Roo, México. Here’s a handy guide to help you navigate how to get to Ventura Park in Cancun:


  • From Downtown Cancun by Hotel Zone: Then direction Boulevard Kukulcán until you reach Kilometer 25. On the left hand side there is Ventura Park. Ultimately, the time you need to cover this stretch depends on the traffic conditions, roughly a half hour.
  • From Downtown Cancun by Boulevard Colosio: Shoot east on Boulevard Colosio and when you reach Punta Nizuc-Cancún, follow the necessary signs to this amusement place. We expect a twenty-five-minute travel time.
  • From Playa del Carmen, Puerto Morelos, Tulum: For example, «Carr» can be taken into account. Federal Highway of Cancun (Padre Kukulcan) 307 north direction until you reach the hotel zone of Cancun, then check the map to get to Ventura Park. Travel time may differ, and cover from 45 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes depending on the departure point.


If you need further assistance or require any other information, kindly do not hesitate to get in touch with the customer service team of Ventura Park and a member will be available to helping you via phone or WhatsApp.


To sum up, Ventura Park has all the characteristics that a family might look for while on vacation in Cancun. Through its varied observation decks, village, science theatre and plenty more, any visitor can enjoy an unforgettable event. Whether it be wet n wild rides, roller coasters or phaser combat games, this amusement park in Cancun is the ultimate place where your adrenaline and game give you the best of whatever you’re looking for. An effortless journey from start to finish will be achieved only with some well-thought-out features, such as convenient ticket systems and easy-to-follow directions. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Fill your bags, invite your loved ones, and let us take you to a venue of memories Ventura Park that will keep you laughing for the years to come.